When I first wake up

I saw a face It looks familiar to me
But I don’t remember a thing about him

He smiled gently at me
I was sleeping on his lap

Then he stands up and walks away from me

Now, all I can see is green

It seem like a field to me
When I turn my back, I was shocked

To see that man is still there

He reaches for my hand

And took me away from that field
I was following him blindly
Unable to think of anything
Where am I now?
Where is the place that this man going to take me to?

I feel scared, unsecured and anxious

But here I am still following him
Not knowing of anything

Times flow like the water goes through the stream
Unaware of time,
I found myself in a castle

Still, that man’s hand and mine were one

Then he took me to the dining room
Serve me with the most delicious food that I’ve ever had
I take a look at that man’s face again
Trying to work my mind

Bringing past memories

Still I don’t seem to have a collection of memories with him

Who is he? Why am I here? How do I get here?
My stomach feels like I can’t put anymore oxygen in it

I’m full enough that
I feel like I don’t need to take the meal for the whole week
Then he took me to a room

A very nice and beautiful room

In fact, it is the most beautiful room that I’ve ever seen in my life
Like the room in my daydream

It’s all like a miracle now

It doesn’t feel logic anymore

But before I can think much more of it
I feel sleepy
Looking at the soft-looking pillow make my eyes even more heavy

Unconsciously, I fall asleep

I had a deep sleep
The calmest sleep that I’ve ever had

When I wake up next morning

Here I am
In my room
Just woke up from the most amazing dream
That I’ve ever had

Hoping that I’ve never wake up from that dream
The hope that will never fulfill.